Waiting for Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

People waiting to get divorced in Arizona will not be getting any extra time to think about splitting up before they actually make the break. Arizona divorce law currently requires a 60-day waiting period before a couple can move forward with a divorce application. That requirement has been under assault in the Arizona legislature twice, and in this case it looks like the second time will be the last as the bill introduced in an effort to change the law to allow couples to wait longer before terminating a marriage has been permanently defeated.

The bill would have allowed either spouse to ask the courts for an extra 60 days, effectively making the waiting period a full 120 days provided they could demonstrate good cause for making the request. Thos supporting passage of the bill claimed the extra two month waiting period would have given couples valuable time to try and resolve problem issues and possibly avoid getting divorced.

The central argument and main reason the bill was defeated was that many in the legislature felt that adding extra waiting time prior to a divorce could actually make things worse. Detractors pointed out that more waiting would simply create additional stress and uncertainty for everyone involved, especially dependent children in the home.  It was argued that the extra down time could aggravate an already-troubled marriage and put those involved at a greater risk of abuse or worse.


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