‘We Need Our Daddy, Too’: A Grandmother’s Story of Her Son’s Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

We read a lot of statistics about divorce, but numbers don’t even begin to explain how difficult it can be for the children. That’s why Karen P. Ronald wrote “We Need Our Daddy, Too” (published by iUniverse — http://www.iuniverse.com) the true story of her experience with her son’s divorce and custody battle, as seen through the eyes of a caring and loving grandmother. Having had a large part of her life consumed by her new grandchildren early on, Ronald discusses at length the personal pain she endured as a result of her son’s divorce, as well as realizing that her daughter-in-law was not the person her son or they knew her to be.

“We never would have suspected that she would ever even consider keeping the children away from the father who loved them so much. We also would have bet the farm (if we had one) that she would never make it almost impossible for us to be with our grandchildren. She absolutely knew how we doted over them when they were here. We were to find out we were wrong on both counts,” said Ronald.

Although broken marriages and single parents seem to be the norm in society today, it does not explain why good fathers and their kids cannot be happy and enjoy each other’s company on a consistent basis. Fight alongside one grandmother whose love and persistence is tried and tested in a world led by a two-faced mother and a legal system lacking any consideration for a good father and his sons.

About the Author

Happily married for 35 years, author Karen P. Ronald resides in Lapeer, Michigan where she continues to battle for time with her grandchildren. When not busy helping her son battle for his kids, Ronald enjoys waitressing at her job of over 21 years as well as visiting the casino when money and time allow. Ronald also enjoys crocheting baby blankets for her nieces, nephews, fellow co-workers and of course, her grandchildren. “We Need Our Daddy, Too” is Ronald’s first book.

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