The judge sent me the divorce paperwork again stating that some of then were signed too early.

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My wife and I filed for divorce on April 14 of this year. After filing the last of the paperwork and waiting for the divorce decree. The judge sent me the paperwork again stating that some of then were signed too early. My wife and I have both moved on yet she refuse to sign the papers again because my girlfriend and I are going to have a baby. She told me she is going to be a (B) as long as she can and she doesn’t care. I don’t know what to do next it has been 3 months now since this happened. Thank You



There is no simple (or free) answer here it seems. Unfortunately you are dealing with someone who has decided to make your life difficult and has apparently succeeded. That the court wants new signatures and you cannot get your ex to sign is definitely a problem. It sounds like you may have to start all over again and try to get new papers served using a professional process server or the services of your local sheriff. If your spouse still refuses to sign you will have to ask the judge for a remedy at that time to allow the divorce to continue without your ex’s signature. You can do it yourself but it would be easier of you had a lawyer. Perhaps you can consult an attorney to see what they would charge to handle just the single issue of your spouse’s missing signature. – The Team

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