When Enough is Not Enough

Aug 8, 2012 by

Patricia Kluge is a 62-year-old socialite, winemaker and one-time adult film actress. She also happens to be known as “the wealthiest divorcee in history” after receiving a reported $1 billion divorce settlement from billionaire husband John Kluge back in 1990. The onetime adult film star is now back in the newspapers again, but this time it is because she is broke and has filed for personal bankruptcy protection in a Virginia court according to the New York Post.

Apparently it takes a lot of cash to be a successful socialite and Kluge burned through all of her money living the high life and hosting extravagant events for royalty and celebrities. A subsequent attempt to reinvent herself as a Virginia winemaker also ran into money problems and now her lawyer Kermit Rosenberg has been quoted as saying that Kluge and her current husband, William Moses, have about $46 million in debt liabilities.

Patricia Kluge’s life story is an interesting tale of opportunity and dreams realized, but now she will have to live somewhat more modestly. Kluge was born to an English father and half-Scottish mother in Baghdad, Iraq. Kluge was invigorated by a move from Iraq to England and then married Russell Gay and appeared in his soft porn magazine Knave as both a model and columnist. .” She went on to appear in the UK film ‘The Nine Acres of Nakedness’ and eventually separated from Gay and went on to marry wed John Kluge in 198. Mr. Kluge was German-born US television pioneer who went on to become America’s richest man at the time with an estimated net worth of over $6 billion. Her newfound access to cash allowed Patricia Kluge to make her mark on Manhattan’s social scene mainly by hosting wildly extravagant parties.

Nothing lasts forever, and when Mr. and Mrs. Kluge divorced in 1990, she was awarded an estimated $1 billion in cash along with the couple’s mansion in Charlottesville, Virginia. Patricia Kluge later married current husband William Moses and together they invested in a 775-acre vineyard. The ‘Kluge New World’ wines never quite got off the ground though. That Kluge limited-edition debut wines cost £300 a bottle might have been a contributing factor. The Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyard defaulted on millions in loans and opened the door for Donald Trump to come to the rescue. Trump purchased the Winery and all of Kluge’s remaining assets are being handled by a trustee who will begin making partial payments to the long list of creditors later this year.


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