Women at Risk

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Domestic violence is a fact of life in American society today. Every year nearly three million people in the United States are assaulted by a spouse or intimate partner. Nearly half of all the women killed by gunfire in this country are killed by their spouses and almost a quarter of American women will be rape victims during their lifetime. Domestic violence is usually carried out in secret and definitely not discussed in public very often, but continued ignorance of both the problem and the many resources available to combat it, only make things worse. Only by exposing domestic violence and taking direct action can we hope to prevent reoccurrences.

People of all races can be victims of domestic violence, but women seem to have it the worst in America, where the number one killer of African-American women between the ages of 15 to 34 is homicide by a partner.  Native American Indian women are twice as likely to be victims of rape and sexual assault than any other racial group. Nearly 20% of Asian American men commit physical violence against their spouses each year and half of all recently immigrated Hispanics say domestic violence increased in their households after moving to the United States. Each year, more American Caucasians seek emergency shelter from domestic violence than any other racial group too. The problems are widespread and the statistics troubling.

Although all age groups are affected by domestic violence, again it is the women who are most at risk.  American women between the ages of 20 to 24 are at the peak age for risk of domestic violence and nearly one quarter of all female high school students will be physically abused by a dating partner this year.  It is estimated that nearly 10% of the elderly in America are abused each year and millions of children are involved in some sort of domestic violence each year. Clearly, race, gender and age do not prevent a person from being at risk of domestic violence. Women and children are not the only victims of domestic violence and the misconceptions only make it harder for people to speak out and get help when they are assaulted by an intimate partner or relative.

Domestic violence transcends all classifications and ruins lives wherever it occurs.  When children witness domestic violence in the home it can have lasting effects and increases the chances they will commit domestic violence, or be the victim of domestic violence later in their lives. When adults have to deal with domestic violence, it can wreck careers and rip apart families in short order.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or you feel that you may be at risk for domestic violence, an attorney can help you seek an injunction that will allow you exclusive use and possession of the residence, even if the offender lives there too. Most women who get a protective order of injunction are successful in halting further abuse and the same resources are available to anyone who thinks they might become the victim of domestic violence in the future. All victims of domestic violence should be thoroughly informed of all their legal rights and available resources. If you feel you are at risk of domestic violence in your own household, you should get some help right now before things can get any worse.


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