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The end of a marriage can be a life-changing event. Divorces are not easy or fun for anyone involved in the process and emotions typically run high when people’s lives are upset and rearranged. Making divorce decisions based on emotional reactions is always risky, and a more rational approach will usually yield better results. A good divorce attorney can help you maintain a level headed approach, but you can maximize the time and money spent if you are prepared to address the issues relevant to your own particular divorce case in advance. An attorney will be better able to serve you if you know what questions to ask before you get there. Every divorce case is unique but there are legal and financial aspects that are common to most. Review the following list of divorce questions to prepare your own list for the first meeting with your attorney. Don’t forget to add any additional questions you may have that may apply to your own specific divorce case.

    What are the steps I should be taking right now?
    When should I tell my spouse I want a divorce?
    What aspects of the divorce should I not discuss with my spouse?
    When is the most advantageous time to file my divorce?
    Will I gain anything if I initiate the divorce?
    Is there anything my spouse can do to halt or prevent the divorce?
    How long will my divorce process last?
    Should I wait a few months before I file for divorce?
    What things should I avoid doing or saying to my spouse during the divorce?
    Will the children live with me or my spouse?
    If the children live with one spouse, how often should the other see them?
    Who will make the children’s health and education decisions?
    Who will pay for the children’s living expenses?
    What changes if your spouse remarries?
    How can I maximize my chances of being granted custody of my children?
    How much spousal support will be granted and for how long?
    Who gets to claim the dependant children for tax purposes?
    Who should live in the home during the divorce?
    Who will keep the home after the divorce?
    If the home is sold, who will work with the real estate agents?
    Who will pay the bills and maintain the home during the divorce?
    Can I lock my spouse out of the house prior to the divorce?
    How do I prove ownership of my personal property?
    Can I take half the cash assets in the bank before the divorce?
    Who will provide health insurance for the dependant children?


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