World’s Shortest Marriage

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Even though the overall divorce rate in the United States hovers near 50% by some estimations, the number seems small in comparison to the stats for a Polish couple in Hannover, Germany who recently created their own personal divorce rate of 100%. The deed was accomplished in less than 24 hours. Actually, more like three hours.

In what could possibly be the shortest marriage in the record books, the couple had their marriage annulled just a few hours after tying the knot. Following a brief civil ceremony in the German town, the 50-year-old groom apparently decided to cut his new 34-year-old bride’s hair with a kitchen knife. She objected vehemently of course, and an irreconcilable screaming match ensued. Police responded and separated the pair, permanently. Both agreed to an immediate annulment and the short night of nuptial celebration ended in separate lodgings with a restraining order served on the husband.

The quick turnaround from marriage to divorce probably saved the couple a lot of time and money in future court costs and property settlement negotiations had they prolonged their union, but they do enjoy the dubious distinction of having one of the briefest marriages in history.

Other Brief Unions of Note

Many people forget that Britney Spears was married once prior to her much-publicized and ill-fated hook-up with Kevin Federlein. Britney and Louisiana childhood friend Jason Alexander enjoyed a two days of marriage back in 2004 until the singer’s lawyers moved to annul the marriage due to Britney’s “lack of understanding of her actions.” Total elapsed time? About 50 hours.

Perhaps Cher also experienced a lack of understanding of her actions back in 1975 when, just three days after her divorce from Sonny Bono, she married musician Gregg Allman in a Las Vegas quickie ceremony. Nine days later, she filed for divorce again.

Like a taking a brief vacation, celebrities sometimes treat their marriages as a one-week getaways too. Back in 1970 Michelle Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas musical group, married actor Dennis Hopper. The pair enjoyed one week of glorious wedded bliss until the eighth day dawned and they called it quits.

Honorable Mention

Model Carmen Electra and basketball star Dennis Rodman got hitched in a Las Vegas chapel back in November of 1998. Nine days later Mr. Rodman was seeking an annullment. Apparently Dennis changed his mind and the couple decided to go for the long haul instead. They made it all the way to their 135th anniversary before parting. That would be 135 days, not years, of course.

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