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Divorce rates in the United States have increased over the last 30 years to a point where today it is estimated that nearly half of all current first marriages will end in divorce.The numbers are even higher in states like California, where over 60% of first marriages are reported to end in divorces. Nationwide, second marriages are thought to fail about 65% of the time and 75% of all third marriages are predicted to end in divorce. Those numbers can be a bit misleading though. The statistics for divorce rates in different individual cultural, economic and social groups can vary widely, with studies indicating that couples in higher economic brackets get divorced less frequently than those with less money. Regardless of the exact numbers, divorce is undeniably a growing trend in the United States and the consequences have far reaching effects on individuals, families and communities alike.

Initiating a divorce is often the single most important emotional and financial decision a person can make in their lifetime. Although divorce is never the most desirable outcome of a marriage, it can sometimes be the best way to preserve the quality of life for all parties concerned, especially if dependant children are involved. A bad marriage can be resolved with a divorce, but a bad divorce can sometimes never be resolved. An unprepared rush to divorce can result in long, expensive court battles, unfair property settlements and life-long detrimental economic effects.

Good planning can significantly reduce both the emotional stress and financial uncertainty for all parties in a divorce. Preparing for divorce in advance will make the legal process easier and can help make life after divorce easier too. Obtaining the services of a competent, qualified family law attorney will streamline the divorce process and can help make sure settlements concerning finances, property and dependants are fair.

A divorce can be both a tremendous burden and a great opportunity for personal growth. Divorce is often complicated, expensive and lengthy, and is rarely simple or easy. Despite the negative connotations, when handled correctly, the right divorce can offer a window of opportunity to start life over in a better situation with better chances for long-term success.

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