CDC Report Shows Massachusetts has Lowest Divorce Rate

Aug 8, 2012 by

A recently released study of divorce in the United States shows that same-sex marriage has not ruined the institution of marriage in Massachusetts as some opponents had claimed it would back in 2004 when the state began issuing same-sex marriage licenses following the Supreme Court decision in the case of Goodridge vs. the Department of Public Health.

Looking at the total number of divorces in Massachusetts reveals that the state had the lowest divorce rate in the nation for the year 2007 according to a recent study released by the Division of Vital Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control. In 2007, Massachusetts had a divorce rate of 2.3 per 1000 people and a marriage rate of 5.9 per 1000. Early reports indicate the divorce rate has continued to fall in 2008 as well, with just 2 divorces per 1000 people indicated in initial accounts for the year.

In fact, all five states in the U.S. that allow legalized same-sex marriage have low divorce rates. According to the CDC, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont all have an average divorce rate that is nearly 20% lower than the average of the rest of the country. The average divorce rate for the five same-sex marriage states is just 3 per 1000 people. The average rate for all the other states that reported data is nearly 4% (3.95%).

Critics of the Massachusetts same-sex marriage option who claimed the law would destroy America’s family structure will have to find another complaint since marriages appear to last the longest there, and the state with the highest rate of divorce in the country (Nevada) happens to be a state where same-sex marriage is not legal. Critic’s claims that same-sex unions violated “the laws of God and nature” and would “destroy the American family” have not panned out in light of the new CDC report. The new evidence has not halted attempts to ban same-sex marriage, but has slowed efforts down some since the most recent effort was defeated by the Massachusetts State legislature in June of 2007. For now and until 2012 at least, same-sex marriage will remain legal in Massachusetts.

Divorce Rates by State

1 Nevada: 7.1
2 Arkansas: 6.2
3 Alabama: 5.4
3 Wyoming: 5.4
5 Idaho: 5.3
6 West Virginia: 5.2
6 Kentucky: 5.2
8 Tennessee: 5.1
8 Florida: 5.1
10 Mississippi: 4.9
11 Arizona: 4.7
11 Colorado: 4.7
13 Washington: 4.6
13 Maine: 4.6
13 Oregon: 4.6
13 Alaska: 4.6
17 North Carolina: 4.5
18 New Mexico: 4.4
19 California: 4.3
19 New Hampshire: 4.3
21 Vermont: 4.2
21 Virginia: 4.2
23 Utah: 4.1
24 Ohio: 4
24 Montana: 4
24 Missouri: 4
27 Texas: 3.9
28 Michigan: 3.8
29 Hawaii: 3.7
30 Kansas: 3.6
30 Nebraska: 3.6
32 Delaware: 3.5
33 South Carolina: 3.4
33 New Jersey: 3.4
33 Maryland: 3.4
33 New York: 3.4
37 South Dakota: 3.3
37 Connecticut: 3.3
39 Rhode Island: 3.2
39 Wisconsin: 3.2
41 Iowa: 3.1
41 Minnesota: 3.1
41 Pennsylvania: 3.1
44 North Dakota: 3
45 Illinois: 2.9
46 Georgia: 2.5
47 Massachusetts: 2.3

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