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For over a decade, Chief of Divorce Evolution Laura Wasser has been changing the face of divorce.

Despite her renown as a divorce attorney to the stars—or perhaps because of it—Laura has made it her life’s work to help people divorce through less combative, more affordable solutions.

On this page, Laura dishes on how divorce really works behind the scenes, and her passion for easing the toll divorce can take on families and children.

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Laura shares her wisdom on
the journey that is divorce

You’ve made a name for yourself as a celebrity divorce attorney, so you must be pro-divorce, right?

Not at all! But if divorce is happening, I want to help the family move through the process in the most amicable and cost-effective way. I do believe that if a couple is not growing and thriving together, separation and even divorce can be better options than staying together based on some antiquated notion of “’til death do we part.”

Divorce doesn't have to be financial burden

My husband and I think we want to use, but we want to hear from you. Why should we use is a fantastic tool for families who want to be the masters of their own destiny. Our online platform gives a quick education on the divorce laws in your state. Applying them to your situation—together with the knowledge you both have about your children, your financial situation, etc.—can be an incredible savings of time and money. Arriving at a resolution together is nearly always more satisfying.

You’re a divorce attorney, but I’ve heard you say that hiring attorneys isn’t always the best path?

I’ve seen far too many couples who want to proceed with their coparenting and financial obligations in a calm manner get amped up and torn apart by attorneys. Think about it—the more conflict there is, the more money the attorneys make. And in most cases, they’re just doing their jobs to advocate for their clients, but the process is slow and adversarial by its very nature. Wouldn’t it be better for you and your family to resolve things in a reasonable way, with all those attorney fees you saved put toward something necessary or rewarding?

Hi, Laura. My alimony and child support have soared to an amount that is simply surreal, and I’ve been on unemployment. I didn't realize I needed to file a motion to modify with the court. Have you ever heard of a family judge changing the current accrued debt figure to something more reasonable or modifying the current standing?

While it’s unlikely that a judge will retroactively modify the preexisting support orders (particularly for child support) to reduce the arrears owed, they may help to come up with a payment plan while modifying the support amounts going forward based on your circumstances, which would make it easier to meet those court-ordered obligations. You may have more luck speaking directly with your ex to come up with something that works for both of you. If talking directly with your ex is daunting and/or could lead to conflict, offers on-demand mediation at a very reasonable rate, so you could consider using that service to hash out your differences and devise a plan with an impartial mediator.

You say $299 puts papers in hand ready to file. Are there more filing fees when I go to file the papers?

I’m glad you asked this because we do take pricing transparency very seriously. The fact is that we'd love to include filing fees, but because they often vary by county, including them would make our pricing complex and confusing for our customers (there are 3,000+ counties in the United States). Filing fees across the United States average $100–350 depending on state and county, with some states exceeding that like California and Florida. We’re really proud to offer a simple, efficient, straightforward process, and pricing is no exception. Thank you for your question!

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Sharing her voice

Laura is a sought-after voice on TV, print, podcasts, and social media, speaking on women’s issues, the evolution of divorce, and entrepreneurship. Below, you can hear Laura’s insights on a broad spectrum of divorce topics.



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After seeing on-line testimonies, I chose this service for my divorce. It was quick and painless.

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