Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process?

At, we offer everything you need to avoid the unnecessary hassles and costs of a typical divorce. Our process involves three easy-to-understand steps that produce fast results.

Does work in any state in the United States?

Yes! is here for you throughout the US and Canada.

Does work for families?

Definitely! can help your family address child-related issues when producing documents and filing with the court.

If I own property or have debt, can I use

Absolutely. Fill us in about your mutually agreed upon terms and we’ll provide the paperwork necessary for sharing debt and dividing property.

Can I just get information so that I will be ready if and when I’m ready to file?

No problem! We have customers who use our service to consider their options before making their ultimate filing decision. In our questionnaire, you’ll find divorce information and topic-specific educational materials that are used to generate your paperwork. Some people find it helpful to know more about the law and our process before moving forward. Doing your homework can help you feel more prepared when ironing out details and getting ready to file.

Can work on contested divorces?

Yes! If our uncontested online divorce tool doesn't fit your situation, we have mediators ready to help you reach an agreement, or can connect you with independent attorneys licensed in your state that would be happy to assist.

Can answer legal questions?

We cannot answer legal questions, but our experience is that most questions have a simple answer that can be found with an online search or by referencing the educational resources we provide during the process. If you prefer an attorney, not to worry, we can quickly connect you with an independent attorney licensed in your state.

Family & Spouse

What if I don’t know where my spouse is?

In most cases, you’ll be required to file the forms we provide and subsequently file for default. We do not offer default or service by publication forms, however, these forms are readily available at legal supply stores or at your applicable courthouse.

Do we have to file in the state in which we were married?

No! You just need to file in the state where you are living. As long as one or both spouses currently resides in or has lived in the state in which you are filing, you can use Be sure to reference specific residency requirements for your state.

Is it a problem if I live in a different state than my spouse and we have children?

Not at all. A good rule of thumb is to file in the state where your child(ren) live. Be sure to look at the state requirements for each spouse to know what’s required and where you should file. View state requirements.

Do my spouse and I BOTH need to sign the divorce documents?

Yes. Before using, it’s best to work out most or all of the details with your spouse and come to an agreement. Both parties must be prepared and willing to sign. If you need a little help along the way, mediators stand ready to assist!

Do my spouse and I need to use together?

You’re always welcome to use our service together, but it was designed for use by one spouse. Either way, you’ll need to reach an agreement with your spouse on details and give your spouse the documents for his or her review. Then you’ll be ready to sign and file!

Your Account

Are my answers set in stone or can I change them at a later date?

As long as your account is active, you can always make changes.

Will I need any specific software to use

To view and print forms as well as create pdf files, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat. Don't have it or another pdf reader? No worries! Download Adobe Reader for free.

Does provide technical support to customers?

Absolutely! Technical support via email or phone is available to you at no charge if you have any questions or difficulty using our program.

Will an attorney review my paperwork? typically uses state forms, but when we need to create our own templates for your use, we have attorneys review them ahead of time. An attorney will not review your specific documents unless you purchase that service separately. This is how we’re able to offer such great savings to our customers!


What is the cost to use

A one-time fee is charged when you establish an account with us, and an order depends of package and starts from $499. This will give you 12 months access to your account. That’s it! A divorce ready to be filed for one low price!

Are court filing fees included?

We'd love to include that cost, but because filing fees often vary by county, they're not included in our pricing.

How does payment work?

We charge the $499 document fee for access to our system to generate accurate and ready-to-file divorce forms.