[Webinar] Bird Nesting: A Revolutionary Approach to Co-Parenting After Divorce

By Divorce.com staff
Updated Feb 16, 2024


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The webinar hosted by divorce.com focused on exploring "bird nesting" as an innovative co-parenting arrangement post-divorce.

Bird nesting is a concept where children remain in the family home, providing them with stability and consistency, while the parents take turns living with them. This approach aims to minimize the disruption and instability often caused by divorce, where children typically move between the separate residences of their parents.

The session featured Amy and Colin Marquis, who have been practicing bird nesting for six months. They shared their journey, including the decision-making process, the logistics of establishing a bird nesting arrangement, and their experiences with co-parenting and communication throughout this period.

Key points discussed during the webinar include:

  • Introduction to Bird Nesting: The concept reverses the traditional post-divorce living arrangements by keeping the children stationary and having the parents rotate in and out of the family home. This method is gaining popularity as more parents seek less disruptive ways to manage co-parenting post-divorce.
  • Personal Story of Amy and Colin Marquis: The couple provided insight into their family dynamics, the reasons behind choosing bird nesting, and how they implemented this strategy. They highlighted the importance of considering the children's needs first and foremost, and how bird nesting offered a solution that minimized the impact of their separation on the children.
  • Logistics and Planning: Amy and Colin discussed the practical aspects of setting up a bird nesting arrangement, including financial considerations, the selection of a suitable home, and establishing clear co-parenting guidelines. They emphasized the role of mediation in their decision-making process and how it helped them address potential challenges and set clear expectations for their co-parenting relationship.
  • Challenges and Solutions: The webinar addressed potential challenges associated with bird nesting, such as maintaining privacy, managing new relationships, and determining the duration of the arrangement. Amy and Colin shared their approach to handling these issues, including their decision not to introduce new partners into the bird nesting home and their plan to reassess the arrangement as their children grow older.
  • Benefits of Bird Nesting: The couple reflected on the positive outcomes of their bird nesting arrangement, particularly in terms of providing stability for their children and maintaining a strong co-parenting relationship. They also discussed the importance of trust, respect, and effective communication between co-parents for bird nesting success.

The webinar aimed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of bird nesting as a co-parenting strategy, offering insights from a real-life example and addressing common questions and concerns.

The session highlighted the importance of considering the children's well-being in post-divorce arrangements and provided guidance on navigating the complexities of co-parenting with the children's best interests at heart.


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