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Benefits of 
an online divorce

Benefits of an online divorce

Why Choose is a safe and reliable service that assists couples with uncontested divorces by producing the court-required paperwork without attorneys. The process is straightforward and does not require deep knowledge of the legal system.

The price tag for drafting divorce papers at is much lower than hiring a divorce lawyer for the same task. For this reason, our service can be an easy and affordable alternative for couples with amicable DIY divorces.

The procedure includes the following steps:

  • Check to see if you can use the service by answering a few simple questions.
  • Complete a more extensive set of questions at your own pace.
  • Submit the answers and wait two business days for the divorce forms.
  • Download the papers prepared in a PDF format, and print all files from the packet.
  • Sign and notarize the documents.

Save time and money by obtaining all the court-required forms at!

Maine divorce forms

Maine Divorce Forms

Filing for divorce in Maine starts with collecting the appropriate divorce forms. Some of them may be found at the self-help centers or official state and county judiciary online resources. However, other divorce documents can only be obtained directly from the court clerk.

The basic Maine forms include:

  • Complaint for Divorce (FM-004)
  • Family Matter Summons and Preliminary Injunction (FM-038)
  • Confidential Family Matter Summary Sheet (FM-002)
  • Social Security Confidential Disclosure Form (CV/CR/FM/PC-200)
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Service Summons (CV-036)
  • Child Support Affidavit (FM-050)
  • Child Support Worksheet (FM-040-S)
  • Supplemental Child Support Worksheet (FM-040-A)
  • Schedule of Parental Rights and Responsibilities (FM-140)
  • Entry of Appearance (for self-represented) (FM-020)
  • Newspaper Cover Letter for Service by Publication (CV-172)
  • Verification of Service by Publication (CV-173)
  • Order for Service by Alternative Means (FM-188)
  • Affidavit that Service Was Completed by Alternative Means (CV-FM-202)
  • Federal Affidavit (FM-052)
  • Financial Statement (FM-043)
  • Certificate in Lieu of Financial Statement (for parties with minimal assets and debt) (FM-042)
  • Real Estate Certificate (FM-056)
  • Certificate in Lieu of Case Management Conference (FM-054)
  • Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees (CV-067)
  • Supporting Affidavit (CV-191)

Spouses without minor children will not need child-related forms, such as the Child Support Affidavit, Worksheet, and Schedule of Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

Divorce forms preparation

Divorce forms preparation

How to Fill Out Divorce Forms in Maine

Filling out the papers to start an uncontested divorce may be challenging for spouses without any experience dealing with legal paperwork. Thus, the tips below can shed light on how to complete the paperwork correctly.

  • Look through the questions in the forms and decide which information you need to collect.
  • Find the unknown terminology using online dictionaries and Maine Revised Statutes.
  • Collect important documents that will help you answer the questions in the forms, e.g., property and assets lists, bank accounts, each party’s full name, address, etc.
  • In the case of an amicable divorce, ensure your husband or wife agrees to the terms of marriage dissolution.
  • Fill in the blank spaces in the forms, check your answers for errors, and fix them before going to the courthouse and filing your case.

Some forms may need notarization, meaning the plaintiff must sign them in the presence of a notary public.

Collecting and completing the forms may take time and effort. For this reason, many couples with uncontested divorces choose to get help from online services, such as

Using, you can save thousands of dollars and get court papers without lawyers or hassle. The system will generate and complete the state-specific forms that fit each client’s circumstances. In addition, the spouses will receive detailed filing instructions to smoothly file their case with the local court.

Filing for
Divorce in

Steps to Consider

Residency Requirements

Before filing for divorce in Maine, the spouses must ensure that they meet the residency requirements. It is a mandatory condition, so that the courts can have jurisdiction to grant a divorce.

The couples can file for divorce if:

  • The plaintiff has lived in Maine for 6 months before filing;
  • The spouses were married in Maine, and the plaintiff is a Maine resident;
  • The plaintiff is a Maine resident, and the spouses were living in the state when the cause for divorce occurred;
  • The defendant is a Maine resident.
Grounds for Divorce

There are several legal grounds (reasons) for divorce in Maine, both fault-based and no-fault ones. They are:

  • Irreconcilable differences (if one spouse claims the irreconcilable differences and the other denies them, the court will order a counseling session);
  • Adultery;
  • Extreme cruelty;
  • Impotence;
  • Desertion for three years preceding the filing of the divorce complaint;
  • Substance abuse (drugs or alcohol);
  • Failure to provide maintenance to the other spouse;
  • Abusive treatment;
  • Incapacity of a spouse.
Initial Filing

District and family courts handle the dissolution cases in Maine. The plaintiff must choose the proper venue and file a packet of divorce papers with the clerk’s office. If the plaintiff is a Maine resident, they may file their case with their county court. Otherwise, they must file it in the county where the defendant lives.

The initial papers to file with the court are a Complaint for Divorce and Confidential Family Matter Summary Sheet. The plaintiff must also make two copies of the original forms.

Filing Fees

A plaintiff filing divorce papers with the court must pay the filing fee. This amount varies between the counties and is, on average, $120-$175. Other court fees may include the sheriff’s services when they deliver divorce papers to the defendant.

If the spouses can’t afford to pay the fees, they may request a fee waiver by giving the district clerk an Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees (CV-067) and a Supporting Affidavit (CV-191).

Serving the Respondent

A plaintiff must notify the defendant about the start of divorce proceedings. The first option to do this is for the defendant to sign the acknowledgment of service form. This will mean they admit that they have received the necessary documents, rather than agreeing to all issues.

Other methods of service include:

  • hiring a sheriff or a private process server to hand deliver the documents;
  • sending certified mail with return receipt requested;
  • publicizing in a newspaper (if the defendant’s location is unknown).
Waiting Period

Maine has a 60-day waiting period between serving the defendant with the papers and the final hearing. It includes 20 days, during which the defendant can file the response papers, and two weeks before a Case Management Conference.

However, if the parties agree on all issues and file a Certificate in Lieu of Case Management Conference, they won’t need to attend this conference. Within 60 days, the spouses will receive a scheduling notice with the time and date of the hearing.

Finalizing a Divorce Case

If the parties have reached a mutual agreement on all issues, and the judge finds it fair and in the best interests of children and spouses, this agreement will become a part of the divorce decree.

But if the couple has unresolved disputes, they will either be referred to mediation before finalizing the case or need to proceed to trial.

The ex-spouses may obtain copies of the final judgment at the district clerk’s office after the decree has been signed and filed.

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Uncontested divorce 
in Maine

Uncontested Divorce in Maine

An uncontested divorce is a type of marriage dissolution where both parties agree on critical issues. Thus, they can either negotiate the solution themselves or hire a divorce mediator to help resolve their disputes.

The essential issues the spouses need to discuss are property division, child custody, alimony, and child support. When dividing the property, they must have a list of all assets, money in bank accounts, debts, real estate, retirement benefits, vehicles, etc.

Then, the couple must put all the agreed terms into the settlement agreement, which is often a part of a final divorce decree form. Finally, the judge will approve the proposed provisions if they are fair and in the best interests of minor children.

Uncontested divorces also require collecting many other court forms, which may take time. Luckily, can help draft all the paperwork in just two business days.

Child custody

Getting a Divorce with Children in Maine

Child custody

The family courts in Maine prioritize the child’s best interests in a separation or marriage dissolution. For this reason, they have a public policy issuing court orders to ensure frequent contact between a child and each parent.

The parents can agree on child custody issues, independently or through mediation, and make a parenting plan. If they can’t resolve the disputes, the family law judge will allocate the parental rights and responsibilities and put them into the final judgment.

Maine state laws allow the parents to get these types of custody:

  • Sole physical custody. The child lives with a primary custodial parent, while the other parent has visitation rights.
  • Joint physical custody. This arrangement allows both parents to have frequent contact with their children.
  • Sole legal custody. Only a custodial parent can decide what is best for the child regarding education, medical care, etc.
  • Joint legal custody. The parents have equal authority in decisions about raising the child.

Both women and men have equal chances to get primary custody. However, the court may request an investigation into the conditions in which children have lived and their parents’ conduct.

Child Support

Child Support

Under Maine State laws, the parents of minor children must contribute an established amount of money for the child’s needs, education, medical care, etc. This weekly or monthly payment is called “child support” and is determined using the Income Shares Model.

The amount of support is calculated by adding the gross income of both spouses and applying this figure to the child support tables. After finding the corresponding support amount in the tables, it should be divided between the parents proportionally to their incomes.

The parents must also equally share the uninsured medical expenses and health insurance. The judge may deviate from the amount of support calculated this way if it is unjust regarding all parties.

Child support obligations will terminate when the minor child turns 18 or becomes emancipated, e.g., gets married or joins the military.

Divorce Without a Lawyer in Maine

Divorce Without
a Lawyer
in Maine

Getting a divorce without a lawyer has become a popular way to save thousands of dollars for divorcing couples. For example, divorce attorneys in Maine charge around $200 per hour. The hourly rate may be higher if the lawyer works for a prestigious law firm.

Therefore, the cost of divorce with a lawyer may go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, the DIY divorce will likely cost less than a thousand or two. But, this is not the only reason to choose a lawyer-free, amicable divorce.

When spouses resolve their disputes before the court hearing, they can decide how to split the property and child custody. This way, they can control the final outcome and not depend too much on the lawyers and judges.

However, not hiring a lawyer also means preparing the extensive paperwork independently. Fortunately, couples in Maine have to handle their papers. The platform will automatically select the proper court forms and customize them according to each couple’s situation.

The process is easy, quick, and inexpensive. Thus, it’s a perfect alternative for couples who want to prepare for their divorce without a lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get divorced in Maine?

The shortest time to get a divorce in Maine is 60 days, with the condition that the spouses agree on all issues. Contested cases take around 6-10 months on average.

Can I get a free divorce in Maine?

If the spouses can’t afford to pay the court fees to start their divorce, they may complete and file an Application to Proceed Without Payment of Fees (CV-067) and Supporting Affidavit (CV-191).

How do I file for divorce in Maine?

The plaintiff (the filing spouse) must complete and file initial divorce forms, such as a Complaint for Divorce, with the proper district or family court. Then, they must serve the defendant with copies of all papers and set the hearing date.

How much does a divorce cost in Maine?

A typical divorce in Maine costs around $11,000 if a lawyer is involved. However, uncontested cases are less expensive, especially if spouses prepare paperwork using online services like