Why mediation?

Most couples agree on numerous issues in their divorce. Mediation is a way to help close the gap where you don't agree.

The beauty of mediation is that mediators are impartial—they’re not on either spouse’s “side.” Their talent lies in the ability to calmly address specific areas and help negotiate an agreement that both sides can live with—without going through a costly and lengthy legal battle.

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Our mediators have found it best to start with a one-hour guided phone consultation to assess the level of disagreement and make recommendations on the services available.

That's why all our mediation packages start with a three-way phone consultation.

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The difference between Mediation and Lawyers
The difference between Mediation and Lawyers

The difference between
mediation and attorneys

Traditionally, each spouse in a divorce hires an attorney and the parties battle it out.

Traditionally, each spouse in a divorce hires an attorney and the parties battle it out.

Divorce.com aims to take the fight out of divorce by first offering simple packages that remove the need for an attorney entirely. Mediation is there for bumps in the road. In mediation, there’s a single party who doesn't represent either side. The mediator's job is to help you get to an agreement so you can continue down the uncontested route and avoid a costly and lengthy legal battle.

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Does mediation always work?

Like anything in life, there’s unfortunately no guarantee that mediation will work. Parties that show flexibility and a willingness to compromise have a much higher chance of reaching a resolution.

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How does mediation work?

Both parties will meet with a mediator and discuss the specific disagreements. The mediator will ask what ideas each side has to resolve the disagreements and may make some recommendations themselves. The goal is to take these suggestions and come up with a solution that both parties can live with.

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Will they tell us what to do?

You and your spouse will decide the outcome of mediation together. The mediator has no authority over you and can’t force you to accept any resolution.


Why do we do the one-hour initial consultation?

We feel it’s best to have a clear idea of your specific situation. Our mediators will ask you for information, and you’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you may have. We take this information and make recommendations on the various services we offer.

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I love how easy this was to file for a dissolution of marriage between my ex husband and I.

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The forms are very clear and easy to understand and customer support was very friendly and helpful.

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This service is really easy to use. Just be sure to have all of your documentation ready prior to starting the process.

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It was easy and straightforward and I would recommend it to anyone.

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After seeing on-line testimonies, I chose this service for my divorce. It was quick and painless.

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I am filing for divorce and I have been so scared you made it so easy.

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Very fast and easy way to file court documents without a lawyer, and having to pay a huge fee.

Christina R.,Indiana

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