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Benefits of 
an online divorce

Benefits of an online divorce

Why Choose offers an easy and affordable solution for preparing the necessary court papers for an uncontested divorce. The process is entirely online and doesn’t require any specific knowledge in the legal area.

It is the best service that helps couples find a middle ground between a DIY divorce and hiring a lawyer to get the paperwork done. allows spouses to get divorce papers in a matter of days, without spending thousands of dollars.

Working with is easy and time-efficient. The platform is intuitive and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

  • Work on your papers at your own pace and pause when necessary.
  • Check and correct your answers, without limitations, before submitting them.
  • Download your divorce papers in a PDF format.
  • Follow the instructions to file your divorce case with the court. eliminates the stress of paperwork preparation!

Oklahoma divorce forms

Oklahoma Divorce Forms

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma begins with collecting the state-required papers and filling them out, according to the individual circumstances. The basic divorce documents include:

  • Petition for Divorce With / Without Minor Children
  • Summons And Notice Of Injunction
  • An Affidavit of Domicile
  • Domestic Relations Cover Sheet
  • Pauper’s Affidavit
  • Non-Military Affidavit
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Entry Of Appearance And Waiver
  • Financial Affidavits
  • Child Support Computation Form
  • Joint Custody Plan
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  • Temporary Orders
  • Motion for Default Judgment (in some cases)
  • Order to Set for Hearing on Default Judgment (in some cases)
  • Notice of Final Hearing
  • Decree Of Divorce With / Without Minor Children

The list above is not exhaustive. For example, specific forms may be used in cases of domestic violence, such as motions for restraining orders.

Likewise, other forms may be excessive if they don’t reflect the couple’s situation. For instance, cases involving minor children require more paperwork, such as a parenting plan and child support order.

Divorce forms preparation

Divorce forms preparation

How to Fill Out Divorce Forms in Oklahoma

Filling out the divorce forms can pose many difficulties and requires accuracy and attention. The following tips can help simplify this task:

  • Skim through the blank forms.
  • Consult the dictionary and Oklahoma Statutes to find out more about any unknown terms.
  • Gather important information, such as the date of marriage and separation, the address and employer of the parties, social security numbers, etc.
  • Spouses should complete the forms with the divorce terms they discussed.
  • Check the answers and correct them before going to the courthouse.
  • Sign the papers and notarize the ones that need notarization.

Depending on the local court’s rules, the forms should be filled out with blue or black ink. If some information is incorrect, the filing will be unsuccessful.

For those spouses who want to speed up the process, has created an online divorce paperwork tool. It helps to easily select and complete the legal papers according to each client’s circumstances and state requirements. is a quick and inexpensive way to prepare papers for an uncontested divorce, without a lawyer. You only need to complete an online questionnaire to provide the necessary information. The documents will be ready in two business days. Then, after you print and sign them, you can use the accompanying filing instructions to start divorce proceedings.

Filing for
Divorce in

Steps to Consider

Residency Requirements

Oklahoma Family Law requires that at least one of the spouses seeking divorce meets the state residency requirements. It’s a mandatory condition for all divorces so that the court can have jurisdiction to issue decisions regarding a divorce.

The spouses are state residents if they have lived in Oklahoma for at least six months before commencing the action. If one spouse is in the military, they may file for divorce if they served within the state territory for six months before filing the Petition for Dissolution.

Grounds for Divorce

Oklahoma law provides twelve grounds for divorce, both fault and no-fault. The petitioner has to use one of the following reasons in the Petition:

  • Incompatibility;
  • Adultery;
  • Impotence;
  • Cruelty;
  • Abandonment for one year;
  • A wife was pregnant by another person who was not her spouse;
  • Fraudulent contract;
  • Habitual drunkenness;
  • Neglect to support;
  • Felony conviction and imprisonment;
  • Insanity and institutionalization for five years without a chance for recovery;
  • Getting an invalid divorce decree by a husband or wife outside Oklahoma.
Initial Filing

The petitioner can file for divorce in a district court in the county where they have been living for more than 30 days before taking action. They may also file in the county where the other party has lived for 30 days.

The initial papers that a petitioner must submit to the court clerk are a Petition for Dissolution and Summons or Entry of Appearance, Domestic Relations Cover Sheet, and a proposed divorce decree.

Filing Fees

Each person filing papers for a marriage dissolution must pay a filing fee of approximately $250. There may also be additional fees for paternity determination and copies of the original documents.

If a person cannot afford to cover the court fees, they may apply for a fee waiver by:

  • preparing and filing the Pauper’s Affidavit form
  • providing financial proof of indigency

The costs may be waived entirely or partly or delayed for some period.

Serving the Respondent

After filing the paperwork with the district court, the petitioner must inform the respondent by delivering them copies of the papers. This process is known as “serving” the spouse.

Oklahoma laws generally forbid a petitioner to deliver copies in person. Instead, they need to hire a private process server, pay a deputy sheriff ($50 on average) or use certified mail.

The proof of service, the return receipt, or the acknowledgment of service must be filed with the district clerk.

Waiting Period

Couples with minor children must wait for at least 90 days before the judge can sign a final decree. This period is supposed to be a cooling-off time during which the spouses might resolve their differences and reconcile.

The waiting period is also intended for consulting a family therapist or going through educational seminars concerning divorce effects on children.

The judge might waive the 90-day requirement if both parties agree or there’s a “good cause” such as abandonment or cruelty.

Finalizing a Divorce Case

After the waiting period ends, the spouses need to attend the court hearing and answer questions asked by the judge. After that, the judge will grant the divorce if all papers are in order and the terms are fair and just.

Couples with uncontested divorces can have a copy of their divorce decree the same day as their hearing.

If only a petitioner attends the hearing, they should send a copy of a decree to the other party and leave one for themselves.

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Uncontested divorce 
in Oklahoma

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

An uncontested divorce means the couple has resolved their disputes before the court hearing. It also means that they can avoid hiring a divorce lawyer and represent their case independently before a judge.

Couples with amicable divorces must conclude a settlement agreement addressing such issues as property division (assets, debts, real estate, etc.), alimony, child custody, and child support.

A mutual agreement should conform to the following requirements:

  • the parties should divide property in a fair and just manner
  • custody of children should be in their best interests
  • child support should be determined using the state guidelines

An uncontested divorce is a fast and cheap way to end a marriage. It only requires the preparation of legal paperwork, which can be much easier with assistance from This service helps prepare customized divorce papers, without stress or huge expenses.

Child custody

Getting a Divorce with Children in Oklahoma

Child custody

Oklahoma judges can award different types of custody to one or both parents with minor children. The Court Orders will depend on the children’s best interest without regard to the gender of the parent.

The family court will choose one of the following custody arrangements:

  • Sole physical custody (the child resides with one parent while the other may have visitation rights).
  • Joint physical custody (the children live with each parent according to the agreed schedule).
  • Sole legal custody (all decisions about the child’s well-being are made by one parent).
  • Joint legal custody (parents are equally involved in the decision-making process).

The spouses can request joint custody by submitting a parenting plan. Each parent can come up with an individual plan or file it jointly. The document must include the arrangements about:

  • the child’s residence
  • child support
  • visitation schedule
  • medical costs

The judge will review each parent’s plan and issue a final document based on the spouses’ proposals, with possible corrections to meet the child’s best interests.

Child Support

Child Support

Every underage child has a right to be financially supported by parents, even after their divorce. For this reason, the judge won’t issue a final judgment before resolving child support.

The amount of this payment in Oklahoma is calculated based on the Income Shares Model. It takes into account the combined gross income and the number of kids. If one of the spouses pays alimony, it is deducted from the gross income.

The monthly sum should be enough for such basic expenses as food, housing, education, transportation, clothing, etc.

Minor children will receive financial support until they turn 18 or after graduating from school, if they’re under 20 years old. The court may extend the support if the child is disabled and isn’t self-supported.

Divorce Without a Lawyer in Oklahoma

Divorce Without
a Lawyer
in Oklahoma

Getting a divorce without a lawyer is allowed to all spouses seeking a divorce. However, this option is more suitable for couples without disputes over children or property. So if they can settle the divorce terms between themselves or through mediation, they can save money on legal representation.

Not only are divorce costs lower when a couple chooses to part amicably. They also have more control over the outcome.

The spouses will need to collect and file appropriate court-required papers to ask the judge to issue a divorce decree. Usually, it’s an attorney’s job to gather the documentation. So, if the spouses decide to do it themselves, they might face some difficulties.

Couples who don’t have time to deal with the intricacies of paperwork can use This service has a straightforward procedure for obtaining court-required papers, which takes a few small steps, such as answering the online questions and submitting them for processing. The packet of documents also includes a detailed filing guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get divorced in Oklahoma?

Uncontested cases take at least 10 days to get finalized. If the couple has underage children, they will have to wait for 90 days. Contested cases take much longer - from 6 to 18 months.

Can I get a free divorce in Oklahoma?

If a person filing for divorce cannot pay the filing fees, they can ask for a waiver. They need to file a Pauper’s Affidavit and provide financial proof of their inability to pay the fees.

How do I file for divorce in Oklahoma?

A person planning to start divorce proceedings must complete and file the initial papers, such as Petition for Dissolution and a few other forms, with the clerk of court in the county where either spouse resides.

How much does a divorce cost in Oklahoma?

As a rule, divorce expenses largely depend on whether lawyers are involved. Their services will cost $11,000 on average. Uncontested cases are less expensive. If you choose, you can significantly decrease divorce costs.