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Ease your housing transition

  • Single-family homes or townhouses
  • Lot sizes under 1.5 acres
  • Valued below $750,000
  • Built after 1950
See if your home qualifies
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Why Sell2Rent?

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Simplify your home sale

Avoid the traditional, lengthy, and inconvenient sales process. Their system allows you to sell without dealing with headaches and pitfalls.

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Get the value you deserve

The offers for your home will be based on fair market value. Your rental agreement will be mutually negotiated to find the right terms.

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Avoid moving

Cashing out on the value of your home without being required to move may be the solution for your financial needs.

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Why choose Sell2Rent?

For many couples, the house is their biggest asset and the mortgage is their largest debt. It’s a crucial piece of your divorce settlement and often the most challenging thing to decide. We understand the difficulty of this decision. Whether you are working towards your divorce settlement or already have it in hand, you most likely have to take some kind of action about the marital home. We’ve partnered with Sell2Rent to help you make an informed choice with the option of staying your home.

Please note that we may get commissions for purchases made through this advertisement