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Benefits of 
an online divorce

Benefits of an online divorce

Why Choose helps couples collect legal forms required to get a divorce in Wyoming. The main benefit of our service is its reasonable price, which is much lower than a divorce lawyer charges for the paperwork.

Using, spouses will decrease expenses and obtain effortless divorce papers that apply to their circumstances. Moreover, all these forms will comply with state standards and court requirements.

Getting legal paperwork at consists of several easy steps:

  • First, answer short and straightforward verification questions.
  • Complete our online questionnaire. Our system will use them to customize and fill out your forms.
  • Pause and change your answers whenever you need to before submitting them.
  • Download your forms in two business days.
  • Finally, print all documents prepared in a PDF format and sign them. is your perfect solution for inexpensive and fast paperwork.

Wyoming divorce forms

Wyoming Divorce Forms

Filing for divorce in Wyoming starts with collecting a packet of court forms. Some documents are located at the state’s judicial branch resources or online self-help centers. Others are difficult to find online and are only obtainable at the district clerk’s office.

Often, the easiest way to get a complete set of divorce documents is to use an online divorce service, such as

Below are some basic divorce forms spouses will need to initiate their marriage dissolution:

  • Civil Cover Sheet
  • Vital Statistics form
  • Complaint for Divorce (with Children)
  • Complaint for Divorce (w/o Children)
  • Summons
  • Confidential Statement of Parties for Child Support Order
  • Confidential Financial Affidavit
  • Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Service
  • Reply to Counterclaim
  • Affidavit of Imputed Income
  • Child Support Computation Form & Net Income Calculation
  • Affidavit for Divorce Without Appearance of Parties
  • Request for Setting
  • Order Setting Hearing
  • Order Setting Divorce Trial and Requiring Pretrial Statements
  • Decree of Divorce (with Children)
  • Decree of Divorce (w/o Children)
  • Order for Income Withholding
  • Income Withholding for Support
  • Affidavit of Indigency & Request for Waiver of Fees
  • Order on Indigency - Waiver of Fees

Forms for default divorce also include:

  • Application for Entry of Default
  • Affidavit in Support of Default
  • Entry of Default
Divorce forms preparation

Divorce forms preparation

How to Fill Out Divorce Forms in Wyoming

Collecting correct court forms is only part of the problem. For example, suppose a person found all necessary blank documents from online and offline resources. But now they face a more responsible and challenging task: filling those papers with divorce terms and personal information.

The following tips might come in handy for spouses with DIY divorces:

  • First, look through the forms and available instructions.
  • Collect required information, including each party’s full name, employer’s contacts, each party’s address, etc.
  • Find the legal terms you don’t understand in dictionaries or Wyoming Statutes.
  • Discuss the content of the forms with your husband or wife to proceed with an amicable divorce.
  • Fill out the blanks in the papers and check your answers before going to the family court.

Remember that some forms have a notarization section. You need to sign them before a notary public and obtain their signature.

If you want to save your precious time and money and ensure the correctness and quality of your paperwork, use Our service will draft your court forms in two business days.

You only need to complete a built-in questionnaire so that we can select and complete your divorce documents.

With, your paperwork preparation won’t take much time, allowing you to file for divorce sooner than you can imagine.

Filing for
Divorce in

Steps to Consider

Residency Requirements

Spouses filing for divorce in Wyoming must comply with the state’s residency requirements to give courts jurisdiction over their cases. It means that Wyoming judges can divide property, award child custody, and sign a divorce decree.

Wyoming state laws require that:

  • at least one spouse has lived within the state limits for 60 days before initiating a divorce process, or
  • at least one spouse has been living in Wyoming since the couple married in this state.
Grounds for Divorce

As a no-fault state, Wyoming lets couples get divorced because of “irreconcilable differences.” It means that spouses do not have to explain why they want a divorce, and it’s no one’s fault.

There is another cause a person initiating a divorce can indicate in the Complaint. They can dissolve a marriage if their husband or wife has had an incurable mental illness. Additionally, they must be confined to a hospital for two years before a lawsuit.

Initial Filing

A plaintiff (petitioner) must file the following papers with the district clerk’s office:

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Civil Cover Sheet
  • Vital Statistics form
  • Confidential Statement of the Parties for Child Support Order (if spouses have children)

The plaintiff must take the original and two copies of these papers to the district clerk in a county where either spouse resides. The district clerk’s office is usually situated in the county courthouse.

Filing Fees

Wyoming courts require anyone starting a divorce to pay mandatory court fees. They include a filing fee when a plaintiff submits a Complaint for Divorce and service costs.

The filing fee differs from county to county and is $70-$100 on average. Service fees start from $35 for in-state delivery.

If a plaintiff cannot afford the payment, they can request a fee waiver by submitting two forms:

  • Affidavit of Indigency
  • Order on Indigency
Serving the Respondent

The plaintiff must notify the other spouse (defendant) that they have filed for divorce. They can do it in one of the following ways:

  • ask a sheriff to serve the other party personally;
  • ask the defendant to sign the acknowledgment of service.

The papers that the defendant must receive are file-stamped copies of the following:

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Summons
  • Confidential Statement of the Parties for Child Support Order

The filing spouse has 90 days to serve the other party, or the case will be dismissed.

Waiting Period

Wyoming has a 20-day waiting period from when the plaintiff filed a Complaint for Divorce until a judge can issue a final judgment. In reality, it will take a few months to finalize a divorce, even if it’s uncontested.

Usually, this period serves two purposes. First, the defendant can use these 20 days to file response papers with the court. And second, the spouses can rethink their decision and withdraw the Complaint.

Finalizing a Divorce Case

Some courts may require a court hearing for uncontested divorces, where a judge will review the paperwork and ensure all terms are fair and in the children’s best interests. To schedule a hearing, a plaintiff must file a Request for Setting.

Then, the clerk will send each spouse the Order Setting Hearing with the date and time of the final hearing. The divorce will be granted when the judge signs the Divorce Decree and it is filed with the clerk.

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Uncontested divorce 
in Wyoming

Uncontested Divorce in Wyoming

An uncontested divorce in Wyoming is a widely-chosen option to dissolve a marriage where both parties agree on all terms. The main reason for this method’s popularity is its low cost and the ability to resolve the entire matter peacefully.

To be eligible for an uncontested divorce, spouses must negotiate and agree on all issues concerning divorce. They include property division (assets, debts, real estate), child custody, alimony, etc.

If spouses have a few unresolved disputes but want to make their divorce amicable, they can consult a divorce mediator. After that, they can place all discussed terms into a mutual settlement agreement included in a divorce decree.

However, there is more paperwork apart from the written divorce terms. Fortunately, those who don’t wish to spend their scarce free time can get all legal papers at And in addition to completed documents, you will get step-by-step filing instructions.

Child custody

Getting a Divorce with Children in Wyoming

Child custody

The court must determine custody and support issues if a divorce or legal separation involves minor children. Three ways to do it are by a joint parenting plan, a family law judge’s ruling, and mediation.

Wyoming laws provide two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody concerns important decisions about the child’s welfare (education, health, etc.), while physical custody determines where the child will live. Each of these two types can be sole and shared between the parents.

The state policy in awarding custody rights is to ensure the child’s best interests. Below are relevant factors every judge considers in such cases:

  • The quality of the parent-child relationship;
  • Each parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs and provide for their care;
  • How the parents can collaborate and communicate with each other about the child;
  • Each parent’s competency and willingness to accept parenting responsibility;
  • The geographic proximity between the parents’ residences;
  • Each party’s physical and emotional condition;
  • Other factors.
Child Support

Child Support

Any divorce action involving children will not be finalized without a child support order. Child support is monthly or weekly payments from one parent to another for the child’s needs.

Wyoming courts and agencies use the income shares model to calculate the amount of this payment. The model uses each parent’s income and number of children. The state also has detailed child support guidelines, which help spouses, courts, and child support agencies determine the amount of this financial liability.

If the parents want to agree on the manner of receiving child support, they can put it in writing. Otherwise, they must file an Income Withholding Order. It will instruct the obligor’s (paying parent) employer on the amount of deductible part of their income for child support.

Child support payments end when the child emancipates, joins the military, marries, or turns 18 unless disabled or attending a high school.

Divorce Without a Lawyer in Wyoming

Divorce Without
a Lawyer
in Wyoming

Couples with amicable divorces can save thousands of dollars if they avoid hiring a lawyer to represent them in court. Instead, they can prepare all necessary paperwork independently and attend one brief court hearing.

This approach helps decrease divorce expenses and stay on good terms with your ex-spouse. For example, the average price tag of starting a divorce in Wyoming is $900. Moreover, there could be a retainer of $1,000-$1,5000.

Another benefit of a lawyer-free divorce is that amicable couples usually finalize their cases much faster if they can prepare for it quickly. Preparation usually includes collecting and filing divorce papers with the local court.

Getting court-ready legal papers online is one of the easiest and fastest options. And the most trusted service for it is With our platform, you will be ready to start your divorce in just two business days.

All provided forms will comply with Wyoming court standards and apply to your situation. is your reliable ally in affordable divorce preparations!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get divorced in Wyoming?

Uncontested divorce in Wyoming takes at least 20-90 days, depending on the court’s case log. Contested cases take longer - about 6 to 12 months.

Can I get a free divorce in Wyoming?

Spouses can ask a judge to waive court fees by filing two forms: the Affidavit of Indigency and the Order of Indigency.

How do I file for divorce in Wyoming?

The plaintiff must file a Complaint for Divorce and several other forms with the district clerk’s office in the county where the plaintiff or the defendant lives.

How much does a divorce cost in Wyoming?

A typical Wyoming divorce costs around $10,000, most of which is attorney’s fees. But if your divorce is amicable, can help you avoid lawyers and get divorce paperwork at a reasonable price in two business days!