5 Reasons to Use Fresh Starts Registry

Sergey Shok

By Divorce.com staff
Updated Apr 23, 2024


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Going through a divorce is really hard. It can make you feel alone and unsure about what comes next. That's where Fresh Starts Registry steps in. It's like a helpful friend for people who are starting their lives over.

Fresh Starts makes this tough time a bit easier by providing support, advice, and ways to stay connected with others. It's all about making the journey of beginning again less scary and more manageable.

1. Build a Divorce Registry to Support Your Transitional Time

Fresh Starts Registry helps people who are going through a divorce feel less alone. It's like having a friend who knows exactly what you need to start feeling better and make your new house feel like home.

You can make a list of things you need, like a cozy blanket, a new set of plates, or even a lamp for your reading nook. Then, your friends and family can pick something from your list to give you. Fresh Starts Registry is the first and only divorce registry; they do not collect user data and it is always free to create a registry at Fresh Starts.

You can browse curated bundles based on price point, rooms, and even home decor styles! From there, you can create a registry, and they even provide scripts that you can use to send to your friends and family to ask for the support you deserve.

It's a special way to remind you that people care about you and want to help you feel happy and comfortable in your new beginning.

2. Community Reconnection

Fresh Starts Registry helps people who are going through a divorce feel closer to their friends and family.

It's like when you're feeling sad and a friend gives you a hug or when someone smiles at you and makes you feel better. When you make a list of things you need for your new start, your friends and family can pick something from the list to give you.

This isn't just about getting new stuff; it's a way for your friends and family to show they care and are there for you. It's like they're saying, "I'm with you," without using words.

This helps you remember that you're not alone even though things are changing. You have people who love you and want to help you feel happy again.

3. Expert Guidance for Every Step

Fresh Starts Registry is not just about getting new things for your home. It's also like having a team of helpers who know a lot about different things you might need help with when you're starting over.

Imagine you're on a treasure hunt, but you're not sure where to start. Fresh Starts has a map with experts marked on it. You can browse through their vetted experts and get in touch with any of them for free; many of them have free consultations, as well.

There’s an expert for so many parts of the divorce and post-divorce process! There are people who can help you figure out your finances, divorce coaches, healers, therapists, and more. Plus, there are people who can give tips on making your new place feel like home or how to dress so you feel great. It's like having a bunch of guides who can help you through the jungle, making sure you don't feel lost or alone.

This team of experts makes it easier to find your way to a happy new fresh start.

4. Weekly Motivation and Planning Sessions

A Fresh Start to the Week" is a unique service offered by Fresh Starts Registry, making it another compelling reason to use the platform.

Every Monday at 9:00 AM EST, certified Life and Success Coach Olivia Howell hosts a 45-minute session designed to help participants start their week with positivity, focus, and community support.

These sessions include guided co-working sprints for organizing personal, professional, and business tasks, setting goals, and crafting a to-do list for the week ahead. Each meeting concludes with a 5-minute motivational hype-up, ensuring attendees are energized and ready to tackle their week.

This service provides an invaluable opportunity for individuals to find structure, motivation, and a sense of belonging, especially during times of transition. Whether you attend one session or make it a regular part of your Mondays, it's a fantastic way to ensure you're not just surviving but thriving in your new beginning.

5. Free Educational Content to Support Your Divorce Process

Fresh Starts Registry also features a ton of free educational content to support your divorce process. Their top rated podcast, A Fresh Story, has a whole season about divorce (including an episode with our very own Liz Pharo), and interviews with 25+ Fresh Starts Experts on everything you need to know about divorce but were afraid to ask.

Their Divorce Guide program features 20+ modules (all for free) on all of the questions you may need to ask going through the divorce process. You can access that at DivorceGuide.co or DivorceMonth.com.

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