Divorce.com and Fresh Starts Registry Unite for Supportive Divorce Solutions

Sergey Shok

By Divorce.com staff
Updated Mar 13, 2024


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We're excited to announce a new partnership between Divorce.com and Fresh Starts Registry, uniting to streamline and support the divorce process. Our shared goal is to ease the journey of those facing divorce, aligning Divorce.com's innovative online divorce solutions with Fresh Starts Registry's unique approach to beginning anew.

This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it's a commitment to transforming the experience of divorce. By integrating our services, we aim to reduce the overwhelm and isolation often felt during this time, offering a pathway to a hopeful and supported new start.

Let’s learn more about Fresh Starts Registry.

Concept and Founders

Fresh Starts Registry is a pioneering platform designed to redefine the support system for individuals navigating the aftermath of a divorce. Conceived by sisters Olivia Dreizen Howell and Genevieve Dreizen, the registry was born out of their personal experiences with the end of significant relationships.

Olivia's divorce and Genevieve's broken engagement led them to recognize a glaring gap in societal support for those embarking on new beginnings post-divorce. Their shared vision was to create a service that not only assists in the practical aspects of starting over but also helps in shifting the cultural narrative around divorce from one of stigma to celebration.

The registry offers a unique approach by allowing anyone to create a list of needed items to establish their new households, from kitchen essentials to bedding, thereby facilitating a way for their community to provide support in a tangible and meaningful manner.

This concept extends the traditional notion of gift registries beyond weddings and baby showers to include life transitions like divorce, emphasizing the importance of community support during such times. Fresh Starts Registry aims to destigmatize divorce, promoting it as a significant life change worthy of recognition and support, rather than a failure.

Through their innovative platform, the Dreizen sisters aspire to foster a culture of empowerment and positivity for those facing the challenges of rebuilding their lives.

Services Offered

Fresh Starts Registry offers a unique and compassionate service designed to assist individuals navigating the challenging transition of divorce. At its core, the platform enables users, referred to as "Freshies," to create personalized registries that list essential items needed to begin anew.

This innovative approach extends beyond traditional gift registries by focusing on the practical and emotional needs of those starting over. The registry includes a wide range of items, from kitchenware and linens to personal care products, ensuring that every aspect of setting up a new home is covered.

Powered by Amazon for security and accessibility purposes, Fresh Starts provides curated product bundles and recommendations tailored to different budgets and household needs, simplifying the process of selecting and receiving items.

In addition to tangible goods, Fresh Starts Registry places a significant emphasis on community support and empowerment. The platform encourages friends and family to participate in a loved one's journey of rebuilding, offering a tangible means to express their support. This is facilitated through a user-friendly interface where Freshies can share their registry with their network, inviting contributions that go beyond mere material assistance.

Fresh Starts Registry also believes in supporting people transitioning to divorce by building a hype team of experts. Fresh Starts boasts 115+ vetted experts, in everything from therapists and yoga teachers, to divorce coaches, and healers. We're proud to be an expert on Fresh Starts as well! As a reminder, it is always free to build a registry and free to browse the Experts and get in touch with them. Fresh Starts does not collect user data on anyone building a registry or browsing the Expert Guide, so it's safe for you to collect the resources you need.

Impact and Reception

The introduction of divorce registries, particularly through platforms like Fresh Starts Registry, has made a profound impact on the way society perceives and supports individuals going through a divorce.

The reception of this innovative concept has been overwhelmingly positive, with many users expressing gratitude for the support and understanding it provides during a tumultuous period.

The registry has not only offered practical help in the form of essential household items but has also played a crucial role in emotional healing, allowing friends and family to show their support in a meaningful and tangible way.

This act of giving and receiving has helped to strengthen community bonds and alleviate some of the isolation often felt during divorce. Moreover, the positive reception extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the registry to influence societal attitudes towards divorce.

By celebrating the start of a new chapter rather than mourning the end of a marriage, Fresh Starts Registry is helping to destigmatize divorce. They highlight the resilience of individuals and the importance of community support in facing life's challenges. The impact of these registries is a testament to the changing perceptions of divorce, moving towards a more supportive and less judgmental approach.

This shift not only benefits those directly involved but also contributes to a broader cultural change, promoting a more inclusive and empathetic understanding of personal transitions.

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