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Transfer Property Ownership With Quitclaim Deed

Divorce.com has partnered with Bundle to provide our customers with easy document preparation and recording services.

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icon checkWhy choose quitclaim deed?
A Quitclaim Deed is a legal document used to transfer an individual’s interest in a piece of real property to another person or entity.
It is ofter used coinciding with divorce ownership is shifting from both parties to a single party or from one party to another.

Bundle benefits

main banner imageEasy and Convenient

Convenient online information portal to place your order after a few short questions. Bundle can retrieve existing deeds to simplify the work for you.

main banner imageDocument Preparation & Review

Receive legally compliant deed and any additional forms necessary for recording and transfer in your jurisdiction. All documents are reviewed and prepared by licensed attorneys.

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All revisions and changes included at no cost. You will receive an email from Bundle once your order is placed, and additional communication every step of the way.


Bundle Pricing for Divorce.com Customers:

Deed and Ancillary Documents$115
Notarization Service$100


Once your order is placed, your documents are prepared and reviewed by a licensed attorney in accordance with local laws and customs. All orders are tracked for the highest level of service in the industry. After you place your order on our site, you will receive an email confirmation from singleorder@bundletoday.com. From there, all further communication will be via email so you never need to log back into the site again. You will receive your completed documents in both Word and PDF form via email. If you choose add-on services, those will also be arranged via email when your final documents have been delivered to you.

You will receive your completed deed and all required transfer forms required by your recording district from Bundle.

Depending on how much information you provide when placing your order, you will receive your deed within 1-3 days. Bundle staff will contact you via email if there are any further questions.

There are a few short questions you will have to answer to place your order. Bundle team will reach out to clarify anything, fill it out questions to the best of your ability. There will be a “comment” section where you are welcome to write whatever notes to our staff that you would like. If you have your prior deed available, please upload it when prompted. If not, no problem! Bundle will retrieve your documents for you.

Yes, Bundle offers notary and recording services to all Divorce.com customers. All deeds need to be notarized and recorded with the county the property is located in. By using Bundle’s network of notaries and recording capabilities, we will help you through the whole process from beginning to end!

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