What forms do you need to file my own divorce?

I’m trying to file my own divorce. I think I have all the paper work but I want to make sure. What forms do you need?I have tried doing this before and they tell me I need more forms and can’t tell me which ones at the court house. (GA)


That is pretty frustrating that you can’t get clear answers at your local courthouse. You have to wonder what they CAN do if they can’t answer simple, direct questions. Thankfully, there are many legal forms services available online that might be a little more motivated to get your business and provide you with the correct papers you’ll need to file in Georgia. Check online for a company that guarantees they will provide the exact, state and county specific divorce papers you will need. Do not do business with companies that do not guarantee the papers are 100% correct, anything else is a waste of your time and money. If you think you already have what you need, perhaps you can verify the situation with a legal forms service for a reduced rate. Some attorneys will also review legal papers at reduced rates. You could make a one-time appointment with an attorney to look over your paperwork to be sure it is correct. – The Divorce.com Team

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