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Latest Press Release Now Offering Contested Divorce Support Now Offering Contested Divorce Support, endorsed by renowned attorney Laura Wasser, introduces "Fully Guided Divorce" to revolutionize the $50 billion divorce industry. The online platform offers amicable, affordable solutions with mediator-guided sessions covering various divorce aspects. With 700% sales growth since 2022, aims to help 100,000 couples experience healthier divorces by 2026. CEO Liz Pharo emphasizes cost-effectiveness and emotional well-being. The platform also provides "Assisted Divorce" services for hands-on support. Explore services at

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Chief of Divorce Evolution

Laura Wasser

Divorce doesn't have to be financial burden

Laura Wasser

Chief of Divorce Evolution

Divorce is the great equalizer—it terrifies everyone. I’m proud to be helping couples take as much fear and uncertainty out of the process as possible.

For over a decade, Laura Wasser has been changing the face of divorce. Laura is a renowned celebrity divorce lawyer, family law expert, author, entrepreneur, and Chief of Divorce Evolution at She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family and Bankrupting Yourself. Despite her acclaim as a “divorce-lawyer-to-the-stars,” Laura has made it her driving purpose to help real people divorce through less combative, modern solutions with She also maintains a robust family law practice as a managing partner at Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles.

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Kim Kardashian, Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears. Who do they have in common? Top LA divorce lawyer Laura Wasser.

Who do they have in common? Top LA divorce lawyer Laura Wasser.

“Most people think of divorce as purely a relationship issue. But for most Americans, it’s also an economic issue”

“Getting divorced increases expenses for both spouses. It can mean two homes, two electric bills, and two sets of household expenses. Add in children, and the expenses can skyrocket in the form of increased childcare expenses or child and spousal support payments.”

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Who do they have in common? Top LA divorce lawyer Laura Wasser.

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Kim Kardashian’s divorce attorney Laura Wasser says ending a marriage should be cheaper, easier, and done online

Laura Wasser, Chief of Divorce Evolution

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Laura Wasser, Chief of Divorce Evolution

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