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Check iconOur online divorce solution launched the industry

Check icon More than 22 years and over 800,000 customers served

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Find a happier ending at Divorce.comTM

With Divorce.com your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
With Divorce.com your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Check iconCheck icon Our online divorce solution launched the industry

Check iconCheck icon Over 800,000 customers served

Check iconCheck icon Save thousands over the typical divorce process

Check iconCheck icon No one-size-fits-all plan — choose the tools you need

Save thousands in legal fees vs. using an attorney

800,000 divorces
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Let's face it, divorce can be brutal. But it doesn't have to be.
Divorce.com is here to help.

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While all Divorce.com users can benefit from our simple form-generation platform, couples still conflicted on certain issues can access on-demand mediation to peacefully pinpoint and resolve conflict—without breaking the bank or creating unwanted hardship.

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Watch. The Divorce (R)evolution Will Not Be Televised—It’ll Be Online

The Evolution of Divorce

Why the most famous lawyer in the game is committed to changing it…

Meet Laura Wasser—family law expert, author, entrepreneur, and Chief of Divorce Evolution at Divorce.com. A renowned celebrity divorce attorney at the center of the highest-profile divorces of the last 20 years, Laura has made it her purpose to find modern solutions that help people divorce in a more peaceful, faster, and more affordable way. Visit our "Laura’s Vision" page for more of her insights.

Divorce doesn't have to be financial burden

We're the #1 online divorce service

Divorce.com is run by the same expert team who pioneered online divorce more than two decades ago.

We're very proud of our service. Our purpose from the start has been to ease the burdens and costs of divorce. Our online tool can be your best option to get on track to a better life.

  • Years of experience helping people start their divorces online
  • Expansive services to handle virtually any divorce situation
  • On-hand support and guidance from our exceptional customer care team
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We've served more than 800,000 customers over the past 22 years



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  • Fast, easy, and affordable
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Here's what our customers have to say:


I love how easy this was to file for a dissolution of marriage between my ex husband and I.

Tiffany C., Ohio


The forms are very clear and easy to understand and customer support was very friendly and helpful.

Loria R.,Georgia


This service is really easy to use. Just be sure to have all of your documentation ready prior to starting the process.

Ian A.,Pennsylvania


It was easy and straightforward and I would recommend it to anyone.

Marsha M.,Florida


It was convenient and easy to do our divorce.

David D., Washington


The process was nice, simple, and descriptive, didn't take long and it was easy to do hopefully I don't have to go through this again but if I did I would use their service again.

Aaron M.,Georgia


This was a great relief the simplicity of filling out paperwork took a great load off my mind. Would recommend to anyone wanting a easy and quick divorce.

Lisa M.,Pennsylvania


It was easy to use and I didn't have any trouble filling out the forms.

Courtney G.,Missouri


I would recommend this service to anyone who is in this terrible position. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done.

Angela D.,Ohio


I appreciate the ease and privacy to go through the paperwork of my divorce at me own pace and time.

Tonbra A.,Virginia


It's very easy to use and quick. I recommend this service to anyone that is getting a divorce.

Anthony R.,Pennsylvania


The service was really easy. Simplicity is needed when we are stressed. Thank you very much for providing this service. I really appreciate it!

Dawn T.,North Carolina


I really appreciate this easy application. It was to my understanding and you don't have to worry about the stress.

Tracy M.,Georgia


I found this service to be a major benefit considering all the different responses I got from attorneys only to find out it be a major savings for me.

Frederick H.,Washington D.C.


I found this service through a friend who had used it. I found it to be as easy and straightforward as she had said.

Michele M.,New York


After seeing on-line testimonies, I chose this service for my divorce. It was quick and painless.

Octavio B.,California


long process but really helps when covering all bases in order to provide best help in achieving your goal for divorce.

John R.,Delaware


I am filing for divorce and I have been so scared you made it so easy.

Christie M.,Kansas


Very fast and easy way to file court documents without a lawyer, and having to pay a huge fee.

Christina R.,Indiana

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