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If you are considering a divorce, going through a divorce or suddenly single again and ready to start all over, you will find plenty of good advice, therapy and tips to help you take control of your life here at Divorce.com’s Blog Pages. You’ll find information on topics from around the world about divorce issues in the news, lawyers and legal tips, how to manage your divorce case, family law updates and other general resources designed to help you deal with every aspect of getting through a divorce and maintaining your sanity in the process.

Covering Your Assets in a Divorce
As soon a person receives a divorce summons in New York state they can no longer move money or other property around to hide it or shield it from claims by their spouse.

Does Your Pet Need a Divorce Lawyer?

A couple in New Jersey is finding out that even if you aren’t married and have no children, breaking up can be very costly and time consuming if you are a pet lover.

Same-Sex and Marriage in the Census

Some survey analysts have speculated that the disparities in the numbers of same-sex couples are probably a reflection of those now in committed relationships who would get married if they legally could do so in their home states.

Cohabitation is not Marriage Practice

Today’s modern hedonistic lifestyles have shattered traditional family values and replaced them with a relationship wasteland.

Man Seeks to Ban Divorce in California
John Marcotte is trying to collect signatures to get his own bill, the “California Protection of Marriage Act” on the ballot in the Golden State. If Marcotte’s bill passes, divorce would become illegal in California.

Hugh Hefner Files for Divorce

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner recently filed for divorce from his estranged wife, former Playmate Kimberley Conrad, 47, citing irreconcilable differences.

Stable Household Trumps Two Parents

An Ohio State University professor has published the findings of a study of family stability that shows growing up in a stable household is more important for a child’s development than whether or not the family has two parents in the home.

Defense of Marriage Act Under Fire

A New York Congressman plans to introduce a bill in Congress that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), or at least repeal the part of the Act that denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages in the United States today

CDC Report Shows Massachusetts has Lowest Divorce Rate
Same-sex marriage has not ruined the institution of marriage in Massachusetts as some opponents had claimed it would back in 2004 when the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Gay Marriage on Hold in California for Now

If gay rights supporters want to make sure they prevail in the coming battle against Proposition 8, it appears that waiting until 2012 to amend the California Constitution is probably a wise decision.

DUI & Child Custody – More Than Just Money?
Social drinkers who might be contemplating a divorce should take note that drinking and driving can also cost you your kids, and that is a price that is far too high for anyone to be able to afford.

Children Coping with Divorce
Maintaining a positive relationship with children as they are going through a divorce process can go a long way toward reducing the stress and negative emotions they experience.

Divorce Hurts Your Health
According to a new study, both divorce and the subsequent life of a widow or widower can generate a number of health-related problems.

Senator John Kerry Backs DOMA Lawsuit in Massachusetts
On July 9th, 2009, Senator John Kerry released a statement supporting Massachusetts’s court challenge of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Massachusetts Takes on Feds over Same-Sex Marriage
This week in Boston, Massachusetts became the first state to file suit against the U.S. government over the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Divorce by Jury
Divorce attorneys in Georgia and Texas rarely advise their clients to take the jury trial option as a first choice these days, but they do sometimes use the threat of the jury as a deterrent and strategic tool in negotiations.

World’s Shortest Marriage
The quick turnaround from marriage to divorce probably saved the couple a lot of time and money in future court costs and property settlement negotiations had they prolonged their union, but they do enjoy the dubious distinction of having one of the briefest marriages in history.

Mr. Mom Gets 100 Years in Diaper Neglect Case
There is no way to put crimes against children into rational perspective, especially those crimes perpetrated by parents and the only conclusion is that some people should not be allowed to become parents at all.

The Affect of Raising Children on Marital Stability or Jon & Kate Announce Divorce
Much has been written about the effects of divorce on children, far less has been set forth on the effects of children on divorce.

Modification of Child Support and Alimony – Trends
As the economy continues to spiral downward and unemployment claims rise, many divorced spouses are seeking to get more cash from, or reduce payment amounts to, their ex-partners in order to maintain their current households or lifestyles.

The Fall of the House of Usher
The knot appears to have come untied now that Usher has filed a petition for divorce in Fulton County, Georgia and the matter is set for an upcoming July 15th hearing.

Cutting Kids in Half
Opponents have often claimed joint custody disregards the best interests of children in favor of judgments based on a parent’s desire to simply split custody in half and avoid paying child support.

How Expensive Can a Divorce Get?
If the Sheikha Dena Al Fassi can collect the $350 million debt, it will move the Al Fassi divorce into the number four spot of all-time most expensive divorces.

Arming Parents with Information
A grand jury in San Diego recently concluded that parents should receive written notification as to why their children are being removed from their home and custody.

Children of Divorce Get Help in Florida
The state of Florida has recognized that the needs and rights of children are often neglected during divorce proceedings and has taken a unique step to address the problem.

Online Divorce is Up
A look at the latest news headlines from around the country shows the current economic squeeze is having a definite effect on divorces in the Midwest.

Iranian Divorce Rate May Hit 100%
Despite divorce being discouraged in Islam and historically disapproved in Iranian culture, the rate of divorce for love marriages may eventually reach a point of 100% failure if the current increase of 11% per year continues.

Divorce Still Morally OK
A poll noted that most Americans still feel divorce is morally acceptable, but that extramarital affairs, polygamy, abortion and suicide are not.

Unreality Check
People with spouses or partners that were perhaps a bit more unrealistic, were the happiest and had the best relationships.

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